A candle cup is a device used to hold candle wax and wicks during the candle-making process. It is made of metal or glass, allowing for an even flow of heat and resin when a candle is burning. The candle cup contains and protects the wax, keeping it from melting or overflowing onto another surface.

Types of the candle cup

The main types of candle cups are:

Metal candle

Metal candle cups are usually made from aluminum and have a round bottom for even heat distribution.

Glass candle cup

Glass candle cups are usually made from borosilicate glass and are designed to withstand higher temperatures. Both types of candle cups come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Classic candle cup

Classic candle cups are typically made of glass or metal and have a wide mouth for pouring the wax.

Tealight candle cup

Tealight candle cups are smaller than classic ones and usually have an extra lip to keep the wick in place. Votive candle cups are designed to hold votive candles and feature a shallow, broad base for wax pooling.

Uses of candle cups

Candle cups can be used for candle-making projects such as votives, jars, and container candles. The candle cup helps to melt the candle wax evenly and keeps it contained in one area. This makes candle-making easier and allows for a better-looking candle with an even burn.

Benefits of candle cups

Using a candle cup has many benefits, such as preventing the wax from overflowing or spilling onto other surfaces. Additionally, candle cups help to distribute heat when burning a candle, which creates an even candle evenly. The cup helps to create a candle with a consistent burn and less waxy residue.

  • They provide the necessary protection to prevent melting and overflowing wax, as well as distribute heat evenly during burning. Candle cups also offer many aesthetic benefits by creating candles with an even burn and less waxy residue.
  • With candle cups, candle makers can enjoy the process of candle making while easily creating beautiful and unique pieces.
  • Candle cups are used for many candle-making applications. They provide a stable and secure platform for candle makers to pour the wax, allowing them to precisely create each candle.
  • Candle cups can also be used to melt wax prior to pouring it into molds or candle jars, and some candle cup designs can be used as candle holders.
  • The use of candle cups provides many benefits, including a smooth and even candle-burning experience, better control over the candle-making process, and longevity for the candle. Candle cups also help to reduce wastage by preventing wax from spilling onto surfaces when poured or melted.


In conclusion, candle cups are an essential candle-making tool, allowing candlemakers to create perfect candles with ease. Candle cups come in various styles and sizes, giving candle makers a range of options to choose from depending on their needs. Using candle cups allows candle makers to achieve the desired results while having better control over the candle-making process and reducing wastage.


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