One of the factors that the HP computer brand has majored in is having a prolonged battery life between charge periods. It is because, with a guarantee of a long-life battery capacity, a user can have a disruption-free usage of the machine in any location, with or without power coverage.

A new laptop battery has about 500-800 charge periods. However, due to different usage means and other system factors, the battery’s cells start aging. Within 2-3 years of usage, such batteries get to an unreliable state where they no longer hold a charge. Unfortunately, this aging and usage cycle affects all battery brands, including HP-Battery’s, which are currently the long-lasting laptop batteries.

At this point, common questions like how to go about the replacement, where to get a genuine battery, and the replacement costs, are inevitable. These questions even get harder when the laptop is part of your day-to-day task, and its battery issue starts affecting you.

What Determines an HP-Battery Replacement Cost?

When buying an HP laptop, if everything was to be disassembled and sold on its own as a piece, the battery would be among the parts sold at the highest prices. It is because of its utmost importance to the brand. So your search for an HP laptop battery replacement should consider the following:

Number of Cells

HP brand has several computer models, all in different series and having different numbers of cells. A typical laptop battery can have 3,6 or 9 cells depending on its deliverable capacity. However, unless measured, you may not be able to tell the number of cells in a laptop battery.

mAh (Milliamp Hours)

Milliamp Hours is the capacity of charge a battery can store. A genuine HP battery has between 3000mAh and 7000mAh, depending on its series. So the higher the milliamp hours, the higher the price of the battery.

Watt Hour

This is the approximate amount of energy an HP laptop can consume per hour. Hp manufacturers have their battery’s wattage consumptions written on the back case of the computer. So the higher the wattage, the higher the capacity of the battery will be. This means a high price for the battery replacement as well.


Voltage (V) is the specific volume of electricity the laptop will use. It is measured in Volts, and so it’s common to see different HP batteries having different voltage ratings. Depending on the HP laptop series, the voltage rating is also a probable factor determining the price of the battery.

HP laptop Model

HP brand has been in existence for several decades, and it’s still maintained its utmost service, including the battery replacement service. Therefore, the replacement batteries vary depending on your HP-laptop series.

HP batteries for older versions of the laptop cost between $25 and $80, while the new models cost $30 and $180.

How to Replace an HP Battery?

HP laptops not only vary in the series but also in the make and shape. So HP provides a variety of ways to replace their laptop batteries. However, if your laptop involves opening the back case to access the battery, it might be best if you take the laptop to a certified HP laptop battery replacement dealer to help you.

You can be sure to get genuine batteries and after-sales services that you sure won’t get from any laptop battery vendors.


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