Hoodies are a basic part of everyone’s wardrobe. And when purchasing hoodies, the main focus is always on which hoodie material suits you best according to your environment. Most buyers are just so into finding cotton or polyester hoodies that they even forget to notice another important factor, which is the nature of hoodie fabric.

Well, the fabric is the most important part of a hoodie. So, it should keep you warm and comfortable. However, keeping you warm is not the only purpose of hoodies. By choosing the right fabric, you can get a lot more benefits for this one item.

In this article, we’ll discuss different natures of hoodie fabrics that are commonly in their formation. So, if you want to get the maximum benefit from your two tone hoodie, read the list below!

#1 Anti-Shrink Fabrics 

The most common fabric used in making hoodies is anti-shrink. As the major issue of winter wear is that they shrink after every wash, many brands are now focusing on introducing the anti-shrink material. This fabric usually has a smooth appearance without any wrinkling effects.

This fabric is stronger than other materials with less moisture or wind absorption. As the material didn’t shrink, your hoodies will last longer in their original and fresh form.

#2 Anti-Piling Fabric 

Pilling is basically the roughness of fabric due to small balls that can form by different means, from washing to wear and tear. The scrubbing of two cloths together can also cause it. The formation of pilling is due to the low-quality fabric that lasts just a few times.

Pilling is also a known issue in summer wear, and the only solution is to choose clothes that have anti-pilling properties. Alibaba offers hoodies that are made from anti-pilling material. So, if you don’t want to waste your money on low-quality items, pick the right store.

#3 Anti-Wrinkle Fabric 

The winter wear is usually loosened up by ironing. So, when buying hoodies or other stuff, make sure to pick the anti-wrinkle fabric. The hoodies are usually our 24/7 pick, so it’s better to focus on this point if you don’t want to ruin your looks.

#4 Windproof Fabrics

As the name indicates, the windproof fabric is the one that will create a barrier against the wind. This fabric is ideal for freezing cold environments where the wind is the major cause of the cold. In this fabric, the woven fibers are tightly packed together to stop the wind entrance. So, this fabric might not be as soft as cotton.

Don’t confuse wind and waterproof fabric because the windproof fabric is not for water resistance even though both have high-density and low breathability.

#5 Waterproof Fabric 

Waterproof hoodies are ideal for extreme cold and rainy weather where you cannot stop going outside due to work. This fabric is not 100% waterproof because the breathability of the fabric is also important, but it will still keep you protected from water/rain.

The waterproof fabric might not be very soft and comfortable, but it will surely protect you against water. So, you have to choose between comfort and durability.


Fabrics are one of the most important aspects of hoodies. The fabric has a huge impact on their comfort, durability, and durability. Alibaba offers a wide range of hoodies will all the fabrics mentioned above. So, make your choice and place the order now!


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