Having a hose that litters your working area does not make you look honourable. It sends varying signals about your personality, but a notable one would be a messy person. Of course, what others say about you remains their opinion, but your conscience may not be at peace when you know someone can trip on it. Worse still, a heavy truck might roll on it, rendering it faulty.

Maybe it is prudent to incorporate techniques that car guys follow to keep their detailer areas neat and spotless. They follow a simple principle that any hose that presents as generously long and challenging to manage looks better in a reel. You can do too. It comes in handy to lift the weight for you to have free hands to handle other important matters.

Hose reels come in many varieties, but the common ones are stationary and often mount on walls. A hose cart is the newest addition to the pack, with more versatility thanks to its mobility. You mount the entire garden hose to the reel, and your other garden tools can still take advantage of the extra space.

Let’s take a deeper dive; perhaps we shall file a stronger case to convince someone to consider installing one.

Giraffe’s garden hose reel is portable and stable when carrying pressure-washer hose

Yes, mobility is critical when you have an expansive garden where the stationary reel may become insufficient. The design adopts four wheels to boost stability. In addition, the tires are wide and non-inflatable to allow you to roll the hose through rough terrain with ease.

The designer thought about stability, and you can attest to it. The body sits slightly above the ground to provide a low centre of gravity, and the winding handle is mainly rubber to increase grip. When these features combine, they give you a stable cart that does not tip over.

Giraffe’s garden hose reel cart adopts high-quality materials that hold the pressure-washer hose

The body features stainless steel corrosion-free alloy that can sit in a dump environment without rusting. Rest confidently, knowing that your device can ship in several years of service before you plan a makeover. It is durable, and the steel seems to coordinate with the environment to net in aesthetic value.

You will love the cart handle. It is pleasant to work with because it does not slip even with foam. The user interface is so easy and comfortable that even a young kid or an older adult can enjoy the experience with water. The non-slip crank handle warrants stability, even if you use it to carry a 250 ft and 5/8 hose.

Giraffes garden hose reel cart has multiple functionalities for your pressure-washer hose

  1. Apart from the benefit of moving your hose around quickly, it has a basket where you can place nozzles and other detachable gadgets. You can think of it as a clever way to create extra space to keep accessories and fetch them with ease.
  2. Moreover, the genuine hose cart organizes your garden neatly. Rather than throwing it in any corner and allowing it to collect grime and bacteria, it coils your hose into one attractive role.

Closing remarks

The Garden hose reel cart holds your hose at one point rather than letting it stretch all over your compound. A hose that clutters your workstation lends to dangerous hazards. Use the hose reel cart to prevent accidents and shield your hose from damage.


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