Bouncing back post-covid after all the lockdowns and curfews has not been one of the easiest things to do. With everyone across the world trying to re-adjust their lifestyle, you can agree that it might take some time before getting back to normalcy. So many countries have had to do a whole review on their economies and some even ended up taking measures they never thought they would. There is a saying that goes like, ”there is some light at the end of the tunnel”, but big question is, how long is this tunnel?

One thing that is for sure, however, is that throughout this time, women around the world have not hesitated to continue looking as good as before. In as much as most of the time people were stuck in their houses for quite some time, social media platforms continued to show that you can still look good while at home. With millions of people embracing the work of home culture but most people would say, ‘work from home but make it cute’.

Honey is sweet, even as hair color, it still is as sweet. Yes! A  honey blonde wig is a must-have item for every woman, that is if you want to look sweet, even while in the house. Right before you learn more about these honey blonde wigs in context, here are a few things about hair that you need to know.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing a Suitable Human Hair Wig


  • The length of the hair

Are looking for a long, medium or short wig? Your choice is dependant on what you fancy or your stature. The short curly bob hair wig provides a shake-n-go style that is easier to maintain while long wavy human hair provides a sexy appearance but may require a little bit more maintenance.

  • The hair color

Your natural skin tone will dictate the color of the wig that you choose, whether cool-toned or warm-toned colors. Some women feel more comfortable choosing a wig that matches their natural hair color, however, there is no limitation as to the color of the wig that you choose.

Speaking of color, here is what you need to know about honey blonde wig color.

Honey blonde wig color has grown to be a popular shade that is feminine and delicate that gives you a luxurious and charming look. The shade adds a warm sort of glow to your skin texture as it emphasizes the sweet tone in your cheeks.

Who Does It Suit?

Honey blonde is suitable for most skin tones but particularly stands out in warn skin undertones. It perfectly compliments red complexions, peachy, warm, or olive skin.

The perfect mix of honey blonde is a 50/50 ratio of natural blonde and golden blonde, a basic formula that makes it easy to adjust the lightness of your honey blonde to suit your wants.


What Variants Does It Have?

  1. Brown and honey blonde
  2. Dirty blonde hair and light brown hair with a dose of honey blonde color gives you some sort of lightened-up look.
  3. Classic honey blonde

A mix of light golden blonde and very light blonde that gives a nice dose of honey warmth.

  1. Deep honey blonde

For those who prefer depth over lightness, the deep honey blonde gives off a richer and darker honey blonde mixture.

  1. Golden honey blonde

Perfect when you are seeking the classic honey tones with a sandy blonde edge.

Why Choose Honey Blonde?

  • Honey blonde revives your hair and skin as it contains a large number of right fixings that guarantee amazing inclusion.
  • It has lesser damage compared to all light color-wigs that are available in the market.
  • Allows you to modernize your style as it gives off an attractive look that is fit for all occasions and seasons.

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