Cutters are the basic necessity of every quilter. No craft, from fabric cutting to card formation, is possible without these cutters. However, using these cutters anywhere can be a bit risky. So, cutting mats are introduced to avoid any cuts or risks associated with cutters.

The cutting mats are made from thick, high-quality material to cover the floor or any working space. These mats protect everything from cutters, glues, and other materials.

If you are a craft lover looking for the best cutting mats, here is your search’s final result. Below is the list of the best 5 cutting mats you can buy this year.

Best Cutting Mats in 2022

Are you looking for the top 5 quilting cutting mats? And, of course, precise cuts are critical to completing your project exactly as you desire.

1. Nicapa Cutting Mat; Best Affordable

Nicapa mats are worth being first in the list because of their affordability and quality in one package. These mats are made from lightweight material that is resistance to any wear and tear. However, this lightweight fabric doesn’t affect the durability and longevity.

Nicapa mats come up with sticky back that keeps the mats fixed at one place so the user will careful complete their task rather than struggling with the mat position.

If you are looking for something simple but functional, these mats can become your ideal solution.

2. OLFA’s fabric Cutting Mat

The thickness of OLFA’s fabric cutting mat is 1.5mm, making it thinner than the prior models. This mat is available in solid and thick green covering with the grid design with cutting markings to help you cutting correctly. The OLFA double-sided mat has a smooth surface and can handle all cutting projects

3. Alvin GBM Professional Self-Healing Mat

Alvin is a professional self-healing mat that measures a large 24*36 inches and has long been trusted by professionals and enthusiasts. It is intended for use with cutting paper, but it is also suitable for sewing and quilting projects, as it protects the surface underneath.

The nonstick surface is easy to work with, and there are grid lines at 45 and 60-degree angles.

4. Dahle Vantage Cutting Mat; Best for Sewing

This self-healing cutting mat has a 5 layer construction for maximum durability. This is it if you’re looking for the best self-healing mat for arts and crafts.

The rug is comfortable to work with due to its thickness. Straight cuts and angled lines are both possible with this mat. On the top surface, you can also cut triangles and stars and many more shapes.

5. Cricut Standard Cutting Mat; Best for Projects

This cutting mats is one of its type. It is made of rubber and works exceptionally great with cricut objects, but it also goes amazingly with almost everything that’s involves the work of any cutting material.

Last Words                 

I hope you can decide which cutting mat product is better for you now. Visit Alibaba, the best shopping retailer, to purchase high-quality former and self-healing plotter mat to cut and sew things.


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